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Family Support and Empowerment Program

The Nurturing Program helps both parents/parent figures and teens to better understand their own needs as well as the needs and feelings of others. This program is designed to promote more caring and nurturing behaviors as well as develop appropriate expectations for self and others. Our strength bases approach provides a positive learning and growing experience for the participants. This 12 week program takes place twice a year.
Collaborating with middle and high schools located in the Milwaukee community, we provide the Nurturing Program in a class setting for one semester. This group is designed to facilitate students in developing a stronger self-identity by gaining a greater understanding of themselves. In this group, teens will learn the skills that empower them in making positive choices with the many challenges they face on a daily basis. This group is offered twice a year.
For the past 25 years we have been offering this once a year facilitator training to community members who are interested in volunteering to facilitate in our groups. Offered in January, this nationally certified two-day “hands on” training includes activities, lectures and group discussions.
Given the many mixed messages teen girls face, perpetuated by peer pressure, the many forms of media, music, etc., this group is designed to empower teen girls to make choices that are positive and healthy for them as individuals. This 12 week group is offered twice a year in the community and once a year in a school setting for a semester.
Recognizing that boys receive many spoken and unspoken messages of what it means to be a “man”, this group is designed to have boys explore what the role of a positive male could look like for them. This 12 week group is offered once a year.
In collaboration with some Milwaukee community based organizations, this program runs either 12 weeks or six weeks twice a year. Using the School-Based Nurturing Program format, again the focus of the activities and discussions is to help teens develop awareness and skills necessary in making positive choices.

“Today’s Youth Are Tomorrow’s Future”

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